Tuesday, December 10, 2013

January 2014 Workshop

3G Aviation Media Photography Workshop 24-26 January 2014
Stallion 51
Kissimmee, Florida

    In January, I'll be working with the other two photographers that make up 3G Aviation Media to host a workshop at Stallion 51's facility.  Tony Granata will be teaching his detail shooting techniques and Matt Genuardi will be assisting with utilizing the models and re-enactors.  I'll be talking about flightline safety and how to pack for the flightline.  All three of us will be working with attendees on post-processing and image workflow.  "Fuji" Ramos will return as our guest instructor, teaching participants about shooting "creative perspectives" of the classic aircraft on the ramp.

    I'm excited for this workshop, not the least of which is because I love the subject aircraft down at Stallion 51.  As if the two TF-51s aren't cool enough, their L-39 Turbojet rocks, and the bright yellow T-6 Texan is hard to miss!

Stallion 51's TF-51s and T-6 over the lakes of Central Florida

    The other reason I'm looking forward to this workshop is because of the great team at Stallion 51.  Since the spring 2012, they have been awesome supporters of Matt, Tony and myself, both as individual photographers and as the team of 3G Aviation Media.  Whether it is providing us a venue to sell aviation prints during Sun N Fun, or putting up with our pestering them for access to the aircraft for marketing photos, they've taken it all in stride and helped us out with a smile on their faces!

Stallion 51's "Crazy Horse" TF-51 on a fall morning

    If you are interested in the 3G Aviation Media workshop at Stallion 51, more detailed information can be found on the 3G Aviation Media website here:  http://3gaviationmedia.com/workshop

While you are at it, check out the photos in the 3G portfolio.  If you haven't seen a lot of Matt and Tony's work, you'll be blown away. I love working with those two guys, as their shots force me to stay at the top of my game for both in-camera shooting and post-processing.  If you have any questions about the workshop, ask away!  We would love to see you guys out there on the flightline with us!


  1. Tony and Doug
    You Gentlemen have an Eagle eye for the exact photo that is the epitome of what the aircraft turley represents.
    Thank you for your beautiful work

  2. Thanks, Mike! We appreciate the kind compliments!