Saturday, September 26, 2015

Playing with sliders

(isn't serendipity wonderful?)

   So, I'm always happy to stumble upon how Lightroom sliders add creative effects to images when they are maxed out.  Now some of you have probably sat there and listened to +Tony Granata and I tell you to "Back off the clarity" or "Don't touch that Saturation"!  I know we said that, but sometimes you just have to break your own rules.

   The Vibrance slider has always been part of my post-processing, but strangely, I'd never tried to run it all the way to the left (maximum NEGATIVE effect).  After working on some images from the +Three-G Aviation Media photo workshop at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend, I was hitting a creative brick wall.  While staring at my screen, I decided to just start playing to see if anything unique resulted from the Vibrance and Saturation sliders.  Well, after running them all the way to the right (maximum POSITIVE effect), and nearly burning my eyes out with color, I put the saturation slider back to zero and ran the Vibrance down to -83.  That resulted in the image below:

De-vibranced image of the P-51 Mustang "Red Nose" of the CAF - Dixie Wing 
Now, to show you what I was starting with, here is the same image with the Vibrance slider set back to zero (but all of the other Lightroom edits left in place):

Regular color image of the P-51 Mustang "Red Nose" of the CAF - Dixie Wing 
(not a bad pre-sunset image, if I say so... the clouds were amazing, and I was happy that the workshop attendees were able to get this kind of background after a grey and gloomy morning!)

If you are wondering what else I did to get this image to the point where I was playing with the Vibrance slider, you'll just have to wait, as that is for another post!

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